Friends of the 40s

Friends of the 40s is ready to serve as your online news source for all thing 1940s. As well as keeping you well informed of all the latest events and happenings on the 40s scene, we provide a resource for enthusiasts, listing all the best in 1940s entertainment, re-enactment groups and period traders. We also provide community facilities for all online 40s fanatics. 

Lovebirds Vintage

Lovebirds Vintage has been running since August of 2012 and was started as a way of learning more about vintage fashion and connecting with other vintage lovers. 

My personal style is inspired by the fashions of the 1940s and 50s with occasional forays into other decades, and I also enjoy many different aspects of historical fashion extending back much further into the past.  

As well as historical fashion, I enjoy cooking, knitting, photography, and studying insects. I can often be found at historical re-enactment events, vintage fairs and visiting local places of's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Discover D Day

The best way to educate people on the history of D-Day is through the portrayal of the soldiers of the time, with equipment and demonstrations by re-enactors.


Best of British

Best of British is the UK’s premier nostalgia magazine. Published since 1993,Best of British magazine is packed with stories and pictures guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back.


1940s UK Radio

We play music and historical news broadcasts from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, that would have been heard predominantly in England and the USA. We are proud to have been the first UK based internet radio station to provide this level of original archive broadcast material along with our own presented programmes. The main aim of the station is to promote music that most terrestrial stations no longer dedicate sufficient air-time to as they feel it is no longer popular or financially viable.  
The station, apart for myself, is staffed entirely by a commited team of international volunteers who have a passion to share their love and knowledge of the music, so that the music will hopefully continue to be introduced to both old and new listeners for years to come, thus securing the golden age of popular music and song. 


Grupa 303 Jag Squad

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The Facebook group is dedicated to fans and passionate of aircraft heroes during WW2 especially of the bravest ones from 303 Squadron called "Kosciuszkowski"


1940's World

1940's World is an exclucive events website for re-enactors and living history groups.


British Military Intelligence (1939-1945)

The aim is to bring to the attention of the general public, the many roles and activities performed by this group mainly during WWII period.Male or Female members welcome.
Must have a genuine interest in "Living History" and public display for the period 1940s (WWII).


The Home Front History

The Home Front History Website is dedicated to keeping alive the memory and spirit of Remembrance for the generation on Britain’s Home Front during WW2. 


Forties Clothing Buyers Guide

Forties Clothing Buyers Guide for Re-Enacting is a leisure activity that is rapidly growing in popularity around the globe, nowhere more so than in the UK. Both organised groups and individuals gather together at pre-arranged venues around the country to relive those heroic days of the 1940s in dress and in spirit.Hardly a weekend throughout the year without a significant Forties event of some description taking place somewhere around the country.


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