Captain Mainwaring

Captain George Mainwaring is the bank manager and Home Guard platoon commander portrayed by Arthur Lowe on the BBC television sitcom Dad's Army during the Second World War. Mark Bowen Portrays Mainwaring at his finest. His is the closest we have seen to the original Arthur Lowe character. He is available for your Events and functions.


Please contact him on...

Mobile: 07771721848



My Life as Monty

I attend many 1940 events where i inspect troops and give speeches.When not doing official duties,I mingle with the other re-enactors and the genral public, Where i am always available for photographs.

I give talks on Monty's life to many organistions including the Women's Institute and history groups.

Also i have all of Monty's speeches and a few of my own.

Alan Oliver

25 Kenley Way


West Midlands

B91 1HX


Homefront to Frontline

A 1940s and WWII living history group based in Essex, UK. Specializes in USAAF, US Army, ANC and civilian England. Original items and uniforms!

The Radar Room

The 1940s was a time when there were enormous leaps forward in technology, some of which we are able to show with our exhibits.  Whilst there exist many interesting collections of 1940s electronics in museums country wide, in our opinion, there is nothing quite like seeing an active image on a period cathode ray tube, or hearing morse, music or speech being relayed (albeit at a very short distance) over the airwaves. (Using OFCOM allocated frequencies and ultra-low power levels) Hence we believe that  our wartime electronics ‘experience’ is far more interesting and realistic than some.

Telephone us on: 07968 245901

WWII German Fallschirmjager

Portraying WWII German Fallschirmjager Field Hospital, Signals and Front Line Troops.

UK Police re-enactment group

We are small group that attends events such as Llandudno Victorian weekend, East Lancashire Railway, war weekend, Lytham 1940s weekend. Recreating that period when a policeman or women was feared when he or she would walk down a street moving spiv’s on, feeling the collar of the local miscreants. and occasionally battling with suffragettes! The long hot or cold days on point duty and checking to ensure vehicles had the correct documents. And not to forget checking the local public house was obeying the weights and measures act (well that’s my excuse) We never do anything that comprises impersonating a police officer with intend to commit a criminal act. 

Churchill Remembered

Churchill Remembered

Churchill remembered is the home of actor lookalike Steve Mctigue. I would love to hear from you anytime. If you would like me to be a part of your Event, 1940’s Weekend, Battle of Britain Celebrations, Banquet, Ball, Film, Television or Radio broadcast.. Please message me in the boxes provided..Warmest Regards Steve

WW2 Civil Defence Re-enactors

A group for all those that re-enact at ww2 events as an A.R.P warden and the later Civil defence Warden

23rd Sussex Home guard

The 23rd Sussex Home Guard are a re-enactment group from the South Of England.


The 23rd Sussex Home Guard have featured in Channel 4 Secret History series and Time team Their standards of accuracy in Home Guard uniform and equipment are unequalled in the re-enactment world. They are extremely proficient in WW2 arms and tactical drill as well as overall military procedure.

Air Transport Auxiliary Re-enactment Group

The Air Transport Auxiliary Re-enactment Group seek to raise awareness amongst the 21st Century public of these brave men and women through education, re-enactment, and living history. So, the next time you see someone dressed in a uniform that’s not quite the same as the RAF then why not ask them - “what does ATA stand for?”, and we’ll be more than happy to tell you...

Viv the Spiv (Iain Dawson)

Viv the Spiv is an authentic wartime Spiv from South London. "I've always got a good supply of quality merchandise for sale, its not nicked, its just not paid for yet and if I aint got it I can get it and if I can't get it, it aint worth having missus".

Winstan (Stan Streather)

Winstan has been created by Stan streather as a tribute to our great war-time leader Winston Churchhill. His remarkable resemblance in looks mannerisms and speech make him arguably the most convincing tribute around today.His amiable personality, good humor, acting ability and admiration for Winston Churchill bring his character brilliantly to life, entertaining guests in any situation. Based in West London, England UK, Winstan is available for appearances throughout the UK or overseas.He is more than happy to tailor any speech or appearance to your specific requirements and to work alongside other entertainers and performers.Since appearances are tailored to your requirements actual fees will vary based on the duration, time and location of your event.Whether for ice-breaking, meet and greet, witty repartee and after-dinner talks on the life of Churchill, media work or a host of other situations, Winstan is your man! Winstan is CRB checked.

King George VI Re-enactor (Paul Eastwood)

King George VI was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth. Paul Eastwood is a leading WW2 Re-enactor who plays King George VI - Bertie and has played his Majesty the king at many events. He also portrays WW2 Royal Navy & Civilian Police.

Winston Churchill Lookalike (Derek Herbert)


Derek Herbert has an impressive reputation as being one of the best Winston Churchill Lookalikes and never fails to impress, borne out by the excellent testimonials which he receives for his Winston Churchill performances and the reason why so many of his bookings are from personal recommendations.His attention to detail in clothing and mannerisms makes his look-alike performance highly believable. His vocal mimicry complements his visual detail and his amiable personality, good humour, acting ability and admiration for Winston Churchill bring his character brilliantly to life, entertaining guests in any situation

Spirit of the Homefront 

Spirit of the Homefront is a living history group that honors and depicts that burden and the working class people who bore it in the years between 1939 and 1945. Through displays, demonstrations, interactive talks, and website content, the group brings history to life in ways that no book, lecture, or film can do. Spirit’s members portray the range of people and personalities that writer Margery Allingham called “the oaken heart” of Britain in wartime. Whether a neatly uniformed Bobby on his beat or a housewife in a pinny and curlers pushing a pram, each depiction is based on years of careful research and is accurate in both detail and essence.

Northern Forties

Northern Forties is a group of 1940s re-enactors, portraying Allied and Axis forces and civilians from one of the defining periods of the 20th century. We have around 120 members who believe in having fun at events whilst displaying our collections of militaria and period ephemera to members of the public (a travelling museum, in effect). This Facebook "Group" is an online forum for our members and friends to chat, share stories, tips and photos. Joining this online forum" does not give automatic membership to the Northern Forties Re-enactment Group

The Law at War

The Law at War is a living history group portraying the role of Civilian Police in World War Two, with a Police Station display & vehicles.We are Barry and Jackie, a husband and wife team who specialise in World War Two Civilian Police re-enactment. We now also have a fully equipped portable Police Station.Our main focus is to portray the local village bobbies and the unglamorous but nonetheless vital role that they played on the home front during the war years.

Second World War re-enactors in South West

What's this item "The home for Second World War re-enactors in South West England and South Wales". Whether you are an independent re-enactor or a member of a specific unit within the south west the purpose of this site and the associated member’s forum is to link together all serious and authentic Second World War re-enactors, in order that we can share experience, knowledge and the enjoyment of our hobby.

20th Century Revisited 

20th Century Revisited is a Midlands based, Living History group. a non profit organisation that displays various countries during the Second World War.WW2 Living History group, available for static and mobile display.

Axis-Allied (AX-AL)

Axis-Allied (AX-AL) are a family orientated group who solely aim to accurately portray men, women and equipment of WW1 and WW2. We aim to preserve the past and keep history alive we do this by attending events all over the United Kingdom.Our main focus is aimed at providing an accurate and professional living history display which allows us to educate the general public. We also take part in mock battle re-enactments, school displays and filmwork.The group was formed in 2014 by experienced re-enactors who all have spent many years researching and portraying their chosen units. We are a Non-Political, Non-Profit making organisation with members based mainly in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East.

367 Provost Company

Welcome to 367 provost company,No 2 battalion, CMP.We are a living history group that focus on the Corps of Military police during the 2nd world war, trying to faithfully represent the group with authentic uniforms, weapons and ancillaries.We attend events and establish a HQ from which we can engage with the public to inform them of the history behind the Corps of Military police, their role in the 2nd world war and the growth of the unit into the Royal Military Police.

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