Eight Beat Jive

Eight Beat Jive is a dance and entertainment group, based on the Sussex coast and owned by Carol & Dave Fairbairn.

Eight Beat Jive deliver a unique dance show. We demonstrate dance from the 1930’s (Balboa) through to Lindy Hop (Jitterbug) in the 1940’s to Rock ‘n’Roll of the 1950’s and the history behind them all.

Southern England

The Blitz Dancers

Andrew and Sandra of The Blitz Dancers have been entertaining crowds playing music from the 1920s to 40s and dancing since 2010.  Their enthusiasm for the swing music of the era and dance styles shows wherever they perform, at evening or outdoor daytime events encouraging others to join in, whether experienced dancers or novices with swing, ballroom and communal dances.  
They love supporting entertainers at major events, including many shown on these pages. The Blitz don’t mind how people dance the main thing is to have fun trying.

East Midlands

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