The Shooting Range

We are a live action, family friendly, self-contained, mobile shooting range that can bring a new kind of experience to your event.

The way our experience works is that we pitch up a military themed shooting range (not a tin can ally) that offers a shooting experience to customers by letting them use a selection of impressive Airsoft or Paintball guns.

We offer a safe experience that is fully insured. The guns we use have a noise rating of up to 45.0db and are unobtrusive. Participants will be firing at targets designed specifically for the shooting range. All participants fire from behind a protective screen. Both the paintball and airsoft guns fire solid rounds that don’t break so there is no mess.

As an added precaution, players are equipped with top of the line eye protection which they wear throughout the whole experience. Once the range is inflated, the weapons never leave the range area, so the only people in direct contact with weapons used for the experience are customers who have received a full safety brief and are with an instructor the full time.

We dress for the occasion; depending on the type of event our friendly staff can wear theme based equipment, for example S.W.A.T / 1940s load out.

Sabre Tactical - Airsoft Range

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Something different for your 1940s and multi period events. Sabre Tactical - Airsoft Range - We have an extensive range of Airsoft Weapons including World War 2 replicas, airsoft versions of weapons from your favourite console games and films and our ever popular ‘Femme Fatale’ pink M4’s. The range is a 6m enclosed target range where you can try your accuracy, compete against your friends and have fun experiencing different airsoft weapons. We are available to hire for all types of events/functions such as military/air shows, festivals, corporate events or if you fancy something a bit different for your birthday, hen/stag party or wedding get in touch!

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