Someone In Time By Stuart Cowley

A self published a short Novel called "Someone In Time"based in the 1940s and present day.A fictional story of an American Gi and his relationship with an English girl.This comes about while the Americans are based in Devon during the preparation for Dday. So it is a fictional story based around the true event of Exercise Tiger where 749 Americans were killed during the rehearsal. A donation from the book will go towards the upkeep of the memorial in Devon.

Bob Ogley 

Bob Ogley was born in Sevenoaks, has lived in the county all his life and is proud to be a Kentish man. As author of more than 20 books he has travelled extensively in pursuit of information and photographs and is in great demand from organisations across the south-east to tell his unique story.The subjects covered by Bob in his talks are: War in Kent (and Surrey), the History of RAF Biggin Hill, Doodlebugs and Rockets.


It’s 1940, and all Britain is hiding in the darkness of the blackout – until Hitler unleashes the terror of the Blitz. His bombs rain down, and the night skies east of London are lit up by fire. They say you could read a newspaper by its light.The borough of West Ham is home to the Royal Docks – a prime target for the bombers. But it’s also the haven of a murderer – and bombs or no bombs, for Detective Inspector John Jago of the Metropolitan Police the hunt for justice must go on.

Vintage life magazine

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